SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project

Current beta version

Warning: There is a newer release version in the main download section! Here you can download SpartaDOS X ROMs and Toolkit image compiled and built from the source code as it currently is in the source repository. These are made available for the users who want to test new features being developed for the upcoming releases. Please expect updates from time to time. Stay tuned.

SpartaDOS X 4.49c (beta version) (28 Apr. 2017)

  • whatsnew.txt - list of changes (PC-style TXT file)
  • SDX binary images and update ATRs

    Select the required hardware version:

    MAN - includes MAN on-line help
    APT - includes APT FDISK
    ROM - use with Freezer ROM only

  • SpartaDOS X Toolkit


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