SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project



  • SDX Imager 3.0.8 - Windows utility for advanced users to customize CAR: contents: add/remove user files, modify default CONFIG.SYS etc. (x86 and x64 versions).
  • SDX2Atrax converter - Windows command-line utility to convert between intSDX128 and Atrax images.
  • MUXTIME (SDX version) - will retrieve time and date settings from the Multiplexer! master machine.
  • Emu-pack v.0.2, access emulator's "H:" device from COMMAND.COM.
  • S2I, a SIO2IDE-specific tool.
  • S2S, a SIO2SD-specific tool.
  • MNT, a KMK/JŻ IDE 1.0 / IDEa specific tool (do not use with IDE Plus 2.0).

Contributed by Bober

  • Aprplr - APR animation player
  • Core Wars - SpartaDOS X Core Wars package
  • Toys - 4 small programs: Blink, HQ9, Life, Sieve (updated 5 V 2011).

Contributed by FujiDude

  • AAC v.1.2, an ASCII<->ATASCII converter (updated 13 VIII 2015)

Contributed by Holger Janz

Contributed by mono

Contributed by pirx and Zosia

  • Headache, the first game programmed in SpartaDOS X batch file language.


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