SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project

Supported hardware

The new SpartaDOS X can run on the following platforms:

  • intSDX128 and intSDX128 "flash"(more info)
  • Altirra and Atari800 emulators
  • IDE Plus 2.0 interface (contains MAN on-line help) (more info)
  • Ultimate1MB (contains MAN on-line help) (more info)
  • Incognito board (contains MAN on-line help, compatible with Ultimate1MB images) (more info)
  • SIDE HDD cartridge (contains MAN on-line help) (more info)
  • SIC! Cartridge (256k version contains MAN on-line help) (more info)
  • Turbo Freezer 2005 (contains MAN on-line help, use with Freezer ROM only) (more info)
  • Maxflash 1Mb
  • Maxflash 8Mb (contains MAN on-line help)
  • Maxflash MyIDE+Flash
  • MyIDE II (more info)
  • an upgraded SpartaDOS X cartridge from ICD (more info)
  • SDX 128 "flash" cartridge (more info)
  • AtraX SDX 128 cartridge (use SDX2Atrax converter Add-on) (more info)

The original SpartaDOS X cartridge by ICD contains a 64kB EPROM which is nearly 100% filled up with software. To add new functions one would have to remove "unnecessary" programs from the CAR: device, which is obviously not a very acceptable solution. This is why the new SpartaDOS X needs at least a 128k cartridge.

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