26th Jul, 2016

SpartaDOS X 4.48 is now available at

- Improved compatibility of 1 MB RAMBO and 576k Compy Shop RAM extensions with the internal BASIC on XL/XE.
- CAR.COM: added support for the Weronika cartridge: to run the dedicated programs, use CAR /F filename.ext;
- INIDOS.SYS should now work for SIDE2.
- Fixed a major bug in the S_VBXE driver, which caused occasional hang ups after the Reset key was pressed.
- CON.SYS: 80-column mode can now survive a warm reset.
- CHKFAT.COM: new command line tool to verify FAT file systems compatibility with our FATFS driver
- New program: MD5 hash tool
- SC now version 1.0.0

Please read the release notes (the whatsnew.txt file) for full information.

As always, warm thanks to everyone involved.

Have fun !

SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project page

23rd May, 2015

At there is an updated version of SDX Toolkit available. A list of files changed and added below:


All of this are rather minor improvements and bugfixes, except svbxe104.arc, where a major bug has been fixed, which caused problems (incl. crashes) after the Reset key was pressed. Thanks for Pinokio/TRS for repeatedly reporting that.

And in inidos.sys the SIDE2 support has been added.

SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project

13th Feb, 2015

Start SDX programming ! The brand new "Programming Guide" is now available in the "Documentation" section of our website.

11th Feb, 2015

SpartaDOS X 4.47 is now available for download at:

SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project

10th Feb, 2015

SpartaDOS X 4.47 "what's new" officially revealed !

25th Aug, 2014

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8th Nov, 2013

SDX 4.46 flasher now supports Ultimate 1MB from Lotharek with 39SF040 flash chip. Use the updated SDX446_ultimate.atr to flash it.

25th Oct, 2013

Several SDX programs have been contributed by Mono/Tristesse. They include Worm screensaver, Drum machine and music players supporting popular formats such as CMC, MPT, RMT, TMC and more. To download, select Add-ons tab on SDX Upgrade Project website.

13th Aug, 2013

As you may already be aware, the updated SDX Toolkit and documentation are available on SDX Upgrade Project website.

SDX Toolkit rev.C includes updated MAN-pages: man_cmd.arc for SDX 4.46 commands and man_driv.arc for drivers. Other modified files are:

SpartaDOS X 4.46 User's Manual and Command Reference Cards have also been updated (see the "Documentation" tab).

4th Mar, 2013

An update to SDX 4.46 Toolkit (rev.b) is available for download on SDX website.
The following packages got updated:
1) drivers>scrdrv>con.arc
2) drivers>scrdrv>rc_gr8.arc
3) drivers>scrdrv>svbxe102.arc
4) drivers>fatfs.arc
5) dsktools>clx19a.arc
6) dsktools>eddy201.arc
7) shells>sc091.arc