SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project


First of all, a warm applause for GoodByteXL/DLT, who was working hard and patiently on the excellent and detailed SpartaDOS X User's Manual.

Thanks go to all people who help us, that is: cooperating coders for coding and ideas, hardware guys for help, betatesters for bug reports and suggestions, authors of tools for the tools, and also users for feedback. Especially, thanks go to the following people (alphabetical order):

ABBUC, Candle, dely/BJB, dwhyte, Electron, Epi/Tristesse, FAiM, FTe, Fujidude, Guus Assmann, innuendo/DLT, Jad/Phantasy, jellonek, Jonathan "Flashjazzcat" Halliday, krap, Kyle Dain, MetalGuy66, Mikey, MMMG, mono/Tristesse, Pasiu/SSG, Pin/Tristesse, Prof!, Simius, Stephen J. Carden, Stryker, sup8pdct, Tebe/Madteam, Tomo Hornacek, Vasco/Tristesse (hosting), Zenon/Dial

We are grateful to the following people for supporting the project:

Juergen van Radecke, Roy Dean, Lenore Underwood, Larry P White, Sergio Larrondo, Eric Bacher, Daniel Kowalski, Stephen Anderson, Michael Brown, Wolfgang Burger, Richard Mier, Mariano Dominguez, Dewey Kadrich, Eric Nikolaisen, Marc Brings, Klas Olsson, Detlef Johannsen, Holger Janz, Cabell Clarke, Martin Doring, Mariano Dominquez and others

Special thanks to ABBUC for donating a piece of original hardware: a boxed SpartaDOS X 4.20 cartridge with User's Manual.

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